Creatures of the Lines is an ongoing artist film and collaboration with anthropologist Heather Swanson.


The project examine how desire for economic growth and linear progress produced a landscape of lines— a series of straightened features reaching out to distant places— specifically through an examination of the remaking of water spaces (i.e., making of canals, oceanic shipping lines, irrigation infrastructure for crops) for imperial and productionist means.


Focusing on the blowback of centuries of modernist projects that have ignored multispecies relationality, the film will course through and with these disturbed ecologies, looking at the ways imperial projects remake more-than-human worlds and the ongoing unfolding of these logics in relation to the resilience of waterscapes “at home” on British territory.


The project is commissioned by Radar Loughborough as part of their Risk-Related series and is developed in discussions with geographers and other scholars from Loughborough University, drawing on current research into new ecological ‘risks’ affecting UK waterbodies.


The film will describe a recursive and polyvocal multispecies world in industrial ruins. It will endeavour to be a passionate call for additional attention to the permeability and cyclical nature of the watery spaces and how we might ultimately foster more meandering and soggy worlds.

Creatures of Lines, Production stills